Bladerunner - RIB eller sportscruiser

Vår samarbeidspartner har vært i London og sett på denne 35-foteren, men kaller produsenten båten med sitt rette for RIB? Se bildene og vurder selv.


Bladerunner RIB 35 er en Air entrapment monohull, forkortet AEM. Det betyr at det er en enskrogsbåt, men den øvre delen av skroget fortsetter ut og fungerer som tunneler på sidene av skroget.

Her er forklaringen som produsenten har lagt ut på deres nettside:

“This unique combination gives a Bladerunner phenomenal aerodynamic lift, which improves performance and significantly softens the ride over conventional monohulls by compressing the air inside the tunnels adding a cushioning effect. A further advantage is that the centre of lift is located much further aft than a comparative high performance catamaran, providing a safer and more level ride in rough seas. The sharp keels of a Bladerunner’s sponsons cut effortlessly through the waves, which is a stark contrast to the wide flat chines of a conventional monohull that impact hard on the surface of the water. They also form the outer walls of the tunnels, which is essential for air compression and the resulting aerodynamic lift.

The Bladerunner is kept stable and level in a straight line and when turning by a combination of the sharp keels and the pressurised air in the tunnels. These same sharp keels also provide superior directional stability to avoid any unforeseen sudden changes in direction (hooking) to the left or right that high-speed monohulls and catamarans are prone to. “

Length overall                             10.60m

Hull length                                  9.80m

Beam (incl. tubes)                       3.20m

Draft to keel (excl. props)          0.53m

Draft (incl. props)                       0.75m

Dry weight                                  2250kg

Fuel capacity                               450 litres

Fresh water                                 36 litres

Type of fuel                                 Petrol / Diesel

Speed range                                50 – 75 knots                               

Engine options – outboard         Twin: 2 stroke / 4 stroke 300 – 600 hp total

Engine options – inboard            Single: diesel 315 – 480 hp (single / dual drives)

Price (depending on engine option and layout) From   £ 175,075.00   Inc. VAT

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